Saying thank you when wind chill trumps stubbornness

I left my jacket on the counter...for today, at least.

 I left my jacket on the counter…for today, at least.

We are, as you may have heard, in the midst of a bone-chilling, bone-crushing, downright nasty cold snap. I knew when I went to bed last night that today would be even colder than yesterday, with wind chills closer to negative single digits than to double positive digits.

When I woke up, my iPhone said 4 degrees windchill.  I turned on the radio, and the chief meteorologist (excuse me while I swoon at that job title) at KRLD (1080 AM) was saying a degree or two below that. I looked at my pile o’clothes I had planned to wear….


Shorts to wear over tights

Sports bra

Tank top to wear over sports bra

Long-sleeved zipper top to wear over the tank top over the sports bra

My all-time favorite Brooks LSD Lite Jacket (oh my gosh, it’s on SALE!)

My (ok, my son’s) Mizuno ear coverer

My beloved red cap, a gift from my dad

Two pairs of gloves

….and I thought, “Nah.” To get an idea of how unusual this word is for me to utter when it comes to running outside, well, let’s just say I run every day. I just do. During December’s ice storm, I ran in place (yes, in place) outside for three days.

I am — and I say this with neither pride nor shame — stubborn. I come by this naturally, having inherited it from — well, not to name names, but let’s say this parental person also gave me a really beautiful red cap a few years ago.

But today, I looked at the pile of clothes I had carefully laid out last night. I moved them a bit, looked into my closet and selected a pair of capris and a sleeveless top. I put them on, and the shoes I’d planned to wear outdoors, and I ran in place. I even broke a sweat, which I haven’t done on an outdoor run since the temperature was several times what it was today.

I didn’t crumble. I didn’t die from boredom. My legs didn’t atrophy from not being stretched. I finished with a warm face and no frostbite.

I felt calm and rather pleased with myself for brushing stubbornness off my very being and doing what I felt I needed to do. In other words, using a bit of common sense.

And for that, The Grateful Runner says thank you.

Saying thank you for staying vertical on this oh-so-windy day

You can’t see the wind in this photo — or in any, really, save those of hurricanes or tsunamis or tornWIND Jan 5, 2014ados.

But trust me; today’s wind is causing these leaves in the trees above my house to cling to their branches for dear life.

I can empathize. On this morning’s run, I felt that if both my feet were off the ground for more than a typical split-second, one of two things would happen:

1. I’d fall flat on my face


2. The wind would lift me into soaring position and I’d eventually crash-land somewhere near Waxahachie. For someone who has never really had the urge to fly or to be a trapeze artist (well, not for many years, anyway) this option didn’t hold the allure it might hold for braver and more aeronautically-minded souls.

So on this morning with wind chills in the teens, I ran my little heart out, awed anew by Mother Nature’s invisible power and bluster; thankful, as always, for owning attire to make my morning jaunt as bearable and as pleasant as possible. I even went a teeny bit farther than I had planned — staying vertical the entire time.

And for that, The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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