Saying thank you for sweetness and stillness on see-your-breath cold mornings

Angie. Brr

This morning was freezing. Well below freezing, to be exact. Single-digit windchill, when you get right down to it. So I, who will run or walk (as leg issues are relegating me to these days) in just about any form of weather, was ever so content to ride my stationary bike.

Not so Angie, my four-legged companion. I let her out in the back yard, hoping a taste of the frigid would make staying inside all she would consider doing. Silly me.

So when the sweetest dog in the world wants to go for a walk…when she stares at you with THOSE EYES…when she looks longingly at the front door…when you can all but hear her promise she will always be there for you…what can you do but dig around for the warmest hat in the house, two pairs each of gloves and socks, and head out?

The air was still and cold and bone-penetrating; the morning, achingly beautiful. Not one soul was on the street. Just us — shivering me holding the leash of, at that very moment, the happiest, most grateful and most delighted girl (to say nothing of the sweetest, which bears repeating) in the entire world.

We weren’t gone long; still, it took me awhile to defrost, and I didn’t take the hat off for another 20 minutes. Maybe I was still cold, or maybe I was just holding onto the moment.

So for stillness, for sweetness, for being beyond smitten with a four-legged gift whose zest for life knows no bounds…The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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