Saying thank you for in-sole surprises

money shoe

When I put on my shoes — old shoes, by the way, which I’d been planning to donate, but couldn’t seem to part ways with them — I felt something inside the left one, like paper. Had it felt like a rock or thumbtack or baby squirrel, I’m sure I’d have taken it off, turned it upside down and shaken it. But the object wasn’t enough to be annoying, so I headed out for my run.

Later, I went to the gym for a short swim, and when I took off my shoe, look what was there! A 10-dollar bill! Somewhere in the recesses of my recent memory, I vaguely remember losing — excuse me, misplacing — a 10-dollar bill, but had all but forgotten about it.

But then, voila! Here it was. To be quite honest, there it remains. I’ve yet to take it out and thus, yet to spend it. I will of course. Meanwhile, though, just knowing it’s there makes me smile.

So for the delightfully unexpected, for items we don’t quite remember losing but are happy to find, and for surprises stuck to the inner sole of a favorite pair of shoes…The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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