Saying thank you for Starbucks


This is not, needless to say, the sign you want to see when, for the last two miles of your run, you’ve had to go to the bathroom. But you’ve consoled yourself by focusing on what’s ahead; namely, the sturdy concrete toilet-containing building in the park that’s on your route.

And then you see the park, and the building and — WHAT?! Yes, the sign. Of course you try the door anyway because, though you could sort of see your breath when you started out, you can’t any more. So the temperature really isn’t freezing…is it?

But 32 degrees or not, the door was locked on my run this morning. Fortunately, a desperate glance across the street yielded this vision:

starbucksAh, it might as well have been a neon sign pointing to Atlantis, or to a castle in the sky, or to the end of a rainbow. I slipped in the back door; blessedly, the restroom was open. Moments later, I resumed my run.

So for unlocked bathrooms, for not being irritated at myself for needing to stop, and, above all, for Starbucks...The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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