Saying thank you for that blue, blue sky

I'm still looking for the blue of the morning sky

I’m still looking for the blue of the morning sky

This morning, and yesterday too, were days that if you’ve ever contemplated running, you should start. Then, in miles to come when when the sun is unmerciful or the wind biting and brutal, you can take a deep breath and remember the day you began, and why you’ll never stop.

The past few months have had more than their share of frigid days and I’ve gotten used to putting on winter garb on my runs. So now, even though the predawn temperature is dozens of degrees higher than it has been in awhile, I still hesitate deciding what to wear. These mornings, I’ve opted for capris over tights; long sleeves without a jacket; gloves I wish I’d left at home.

The breeze has been blessedly minimal, which is a treat in itself. But it’s the predawn, still-sprinkled-with-stars sky that makes me gasp. I utter  “thank you” in a voice — I can’t help myself — louder than a whisper.

I have never ever seen a sky that shade of blue. After I’ve finished running and in the hours after, I’ve looked around the house, around the yard, around grocery-store shelves, trying to find that blue.

But it’s unlike any shade I’ve ever seen in a garden or as part of a rainbow or in box of Crayolas. If I ran my fingers through every paint strip at Home Depot, or even Benjamin Moore, I doubt I’d find it.

I could dream my most vivid and magical and colorful of dreams; I could fill them with fairy-tale hues that defy description, yet none would match the morning ceiling under which I am so very lucky to run.

Maybe I’ll look for that shade all my life. Maybe I’ll stand at the edge of the ocean, watching for wave that will echo it. Or there I am atop a mountain, reaching for a sky with blueness so very close to that one certain color.

Or maybe that spellbinding shade comes around only in early April, in a certain wondrous, predawn, quarter-hour window of time.

Truth to tell, maybe that’s what I hope happens.

So for colors of nature which even the most comprehensive palette can’t duplicate…for a sky that lures you outside on your most reluctant days because you’ve been promised something spectacular…for the blue blue blueness of that sky…The Grateful Runner says thank you.


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