Saying thank you for sunshine

Blue sky, sunshine, February in Texas

Blue sky, sunshine, February in Texas

See enough of it, and sunshine becomes almost a given — one of those offerings of nature we come to expect: Walk onto the sidewalk, look up, squint a little. It’s up there, we’re down here, voila. And life goes on.

But we haven’t seen nearly enough of it lately. The sky’s stayed cloudy, the wind beyond brisk, and the air oh-so-cold. So this morning, finally feeling the sun — almost even before it ascended the sky — was a gift, one of those fling-your-arms-around-the-giver gifts.

My run today was, quite honestly, not particularly great. But I didn’t need gloves, and I wore short sleeves, and when I gazed at the sky, the sun — the sun!! — was pushing aside the moon.

While I can’t exactly wrap my arms around Mother Nature, when she treats me to such splendor, I can take her gift and let it fill me; I can let it guide my day. If only in my mind, I’m flinging my arms outward to take it all in — these sweet and dreamy and golden drops of a butterscotch morning.

So for sunshine and all it evokes; for days that beg to be embraced and mornings to be held close, The Grateful Runner says thank you.

1 thought on “Saying thank you for sunshine

  1. There is nothing like a run in beautiful weather to start the day. Even if the run isn’t all that great, the feeling one gets soaking in nature just stays with you all day. I’ve been enjoying these past few days as well!

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