Saying thank you for happiness exuded

Jules and Tyler Jan 30 14

My gratitude thoughts today are three-fold, and pretty much — OK, completely — unrelated.

Here goes:

When I checked the temperature this morning and realized I could wear capris instead of tights on my morning run, and would need neither a cap nor two pairs of gloves (not even one pair!) nor my trusty jacket, I felt mighty pleased and quite appreciative.

Then I saw a text message to my sister Jeanne and me from our niece — the only daughter of our sister Susan — telling us she is engaged. She sent a picture, too — yes, that one above — and you can seeĀ  how very happy she is.

Her happiness big-time trumps the nice weather. Both of them trump Appreciation No. 3, the pita chips whose crumbs I am practically licking from the now-empty bag.

So (in ascending order) for pita chips…for 56-degree running weather in January…for the happiness my niece exudes…The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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