Saying thank you for showing up

Sometimes we (and when I say “we” you know I mean “I”) feel a little out of sorts. Reasons vary, or there may be no reason at all.

The natural inclination for us (wink wink) is to go home and eat pita chips instead of going to yoga class because that seems like the only option. Anyway, who would want to be mat-to-mat with a borderline pill?

But I took the chance and I went to yoga. There were 16 people there! SIXTEEN!! My friend Yolanda was one of them, which made me happy. I also saw one of the Cindys, Mary, Angie, one of the Carols (the missing one spells her name with a K), Susan (who I just met last week), some people whose names I didn’t know, plus of course, Jill.

I did OK with balance; my downward dog wasn’t too mortifying. Most importantly, I went — and knew people there. Not all that long ago, I hardly knew a soul. By the time I left Jill’s studio, I’d forgotten all about my blahs, and smiled all the way home.

So for feeling part of something…for knowing names and the very special people who go with those names…and for simply showing up…The Grateful Runner says thank you.

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