Saying thank you for braving the elements


Sometimes ya gotta wear them both


I am writing this as I gear up for tomorrow, which promises to be as might-as-well pop-me-in-the-freezer as today was. Though the winds won’t threaten to knock me to the sidewalk as they did when I headed north and/or east today, the wind chill will hover in the teens.

It was cold (as in bitterly) when I left the house today. Maybe, I told myself as I started out today, because it IS so cold and windy, I’ll cut my run short a little..and yes, knowing in my heart of hearts I probably wouldn’t.

Maybe I stalled a little, but not for long. I knew what I needed to do, and that the sooner I started, the sooner I’d finish. So I went because — just because. As I ran, yeah the wind almost blew my eyelids shut. But I was thankful there was no ice and that I could hear my feet pounding because I wasn’t wearing my iPod…not that I had tossed it into the washing machine with my load of clothes or anything.

I was attired as best I could be, so what could I do but go? Besides, this is what I do. Some days are easy; some less blustery than others. Freezing temperatures make some mornings tough; heat waves, some others. And on oh so many, I feel as if I could run forever.

Today wasn’t one of those. I was happy to be finished, and, quite honestly, happy at the prospect of starting again tomorrow. And for that, The Grateful Runner says thank you.

4 thoughts on “Saying thank you for braving the elements

  1. I’m one of those “the colder the better” runners, but there have been some cold mornings this winter! Cold + wind is my least favorite time to run. Way to stick it out yesterday. Seems much calmer today.

    • Hi, Angela — eek on cold & wind & thanks about sticking it out (which you know quite well how to do, in various ways!) Today I thought I’d lose my fingerprints to frostbite and I was wearing two pairs of gloves! Brrrr. But again…no wind. Ahhhh 🙂

  2. Cold oh boy being a native southern Californian runner, Texas has been a challenge. But I am training for my first marathon and there is no skipping runs for this lady!

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