Saying thank you for appreciating others’ prowess

I almost skipped yoga tonight, thinking  — excuse me while I stifle a snort laugh in retrospect — that, because I was tired, my mind and body would be best served by staying home.

But I got home from work in plenty of time to feed the dogs, start my dinner, get a few things ready for tomorrow…and thus, to get to yoga on time. I parked my mat next to an empty one, which was quickly occupied by a graceful woman (and, turns out, yoga instructor) I’d met at a previous class. I tried not to notice that when she did forward fold, her elbows were practically on the floor (my fingertips didn’t quite reach). She eased into downward dog like she was floating through the air.

Not that I was paying attention or anything.

About three-fourths through class, we did yet another downward dog. This time, we lifted first one leg and then the other, “high into the air,” said Jill, my soothing, challenging, enlightening, inspiring, knowledgeable instructor.

When I lifted my right leg, I felt my toes slightly scraping the floor. I happened to turn (unintentionally of course) and glanced at the woman next to me as well as — well, just about everyone else it seems — whose legs were skyward, whose bodies formed perfect 45-degree angles.

Not that I was paying attention or anything.

But maybe it was good that I was(n’t) glancing at anyone else. To be perfectly honest, I rarely do. But tonight when I did, I realized something. Instead of comparing myself to everyone else, I was admiring their abilities.

So for the prowess of others, and the maturity to admire it instead of berating myself for lacking it…The Grateful Runner says thank you.


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