Saying thank you for reasons behind sleeping in


See these crazy guys? They’re why I didn’t get started earlier on my run today. On the right is my son, Charlie; on the left, his longtime friend Lee. 

So why am I blaming/crediting them? Well, last night — Charlie’s last before going back to college after Christmas break — Lee came over for dinner and to play Scrabble. Lee got to the house around 7; Charlie had been working out and arrived about 10 minutes later. We visited awhile, then I continued cooking dinner. Meanwhile, we started playing Scrabble.

Our method of playing is a bit…shall we say…unorthodox. First, we tend to know each other’s letters, mostly because we just look at them. Also, if we’re unsure of a word (and we are unsure of some doozies) we check them — fairly freely I confess — from this page. 

After dinner (during which the board remained on the table), we played another round or two. Then the boys (young men, whatever) decided they wanted to go to Braum’s. This was around 9:45 p.m.; the girl Charlie was driving back to school was due to arrive 12 hours later. And no, in case you’re wondering, Charlie’s suitcases and boxes and hanging bags were NOT all packed and waiting by the door.

So off he and Lee went to Braum’s, returning close to 11 p.m. Lee had had a milkshake; my health-conscious son, a banana split (which made me rather happy). I was so so tired; I am usually in bed and asleep by 10:30, 11 at the latest, and I hadn’t even flossed or put my PJs on.

“Guys,” I said, “I have to stop. I am so tired I’m about to cry.” (OK, then I started laughing, but I really WAS about to cry!)

We checked the letter bag, and there were only five more tiles. So we finished the game (which oh yeah, I won).

I try to start my Sunday runs by 6:20 at the absolute latest, after getting my requisite seven hours of sleep. That way, I stand a halfway decent chance of making it to church before the sermon starts. But today, because Charlie was leaving (he called the girl, by the way, and asked her to be here at 11), I knew I wouldn’t go to church. So I was able to get my seven hours in, which meant I started running at 7:20.

The day was glorious. I hadn’t needed sunglasses on my morning runs in quite awhile. Usually even by the time I get home, the sun still isn’t strong enough to merit them. But today, I wore them barely 30 minutes into my run. I had such a good run too — went farther than I did last week, and really felt as if I could have kept going.

Charlie was awake when I got home, eating his cereal while standing up reading the newspaper, as is his habit. Part two of his breakfast is a spinach/3-egg-whites-one-whole-egg/cinnamon/chili powder concoction he makes every day. I asked if he’d wait on that while I took a quick shower so we could eat together. He said sure.

After my shower and while he finished packing, I went ahead and made his omelet for him (at least till the last step). He brought the plate to the table where I was with my bowl of cereal. He said to me, “You think we have time?”

I knew just what he was talking about.

“Sure,” I said.

We set up the Scrabble board and played most of another game. I took a photo of the board and texted it to him along with his letters. The plan is for him to text back with the play he wants to make.


He may do it…or (once he gets into the campus swing of things) he may not. Either is fine with me really.

Instead, what matters is the chance to play today…and for the game, and for the guys who let me sleep in and enjoy a sunnier sky than I usually experience. And for those, and for so very much, the Grateful Runner says thank you.



2 thoughts on “Saying thank you for reasons behind sleeping in

  1. Such a sweet story. My daughter, who has been staying with us for the past four months to help me get through chemo, is leaving tomorrow. We’ve had so much fun together, and of course she’s been a huge help. Here’s to great kids!

    • Thank you so much, Angela. Oh that is so wonderful she’s been with you through this…and that you’re doing so well 🙂 Sounds like your relationship with your daughter & son is — I was going to say a treasure, but it’s obviously so very much more. Amen to great kids!

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