Saying thank you for colors


I have a much easier time buying running shoes than I do other-parts-of-my-life shoes. My past few rounds of workout purchases, I’ve leaned toward shoes of the colorful variety. Such is where I started my running attire this morning — with those yellow Mizunos you see on the left.

I intended to snap a photo of what I wore because it was just so — colorful. Not matching colorful, mind you; just a rainbow melange of this shade and that shade and maybe a variety of another one. But of course by the time I thought about the photo again, my clothes were already swirling around in the washing machine and I had showered and needed to dry my hair.

But I’ll try to remember because it was such a jolly combo:

– The Mizuno yellow shoes

– Blue Feetures socks

– Black tights with a pink stripe

– A teal green Brooks top with a half zipper

– A fluorescent yellow ear band (or whatever it’s called)

Oh, and a pair of black and white striped gloves I bought at Target for a dollar a few years ago.

I glanced at my mirror reflection, rolled my eyes, smiled to myself and took off. What a(nother) glorious morning.

This time of year isn’t known for color. I ran through crunchy brown leaves that had been on a section of a certain sidewalk for at least a month. Most of the trees were bare; even though the temperature’s been holding steady in the 50s, no buds have pushed through the bark yet. I’m not complaining; not at all. This is earth’s cycle, and I’m just happy to be part of it.

The colors I wore, though, did lift my spirits — which, truth to tell, were more high than low to begin with. Still, they seemed to make more more cognizant of construction workers’ yellow vests, more appreciative of pots of purple pansies on walkways leading to sleepy houses.

And tonight, when my son picked my mom up to take her to dinner with us, she greeted first him — and later me — by exclaiming about the sunset.

“Honey,” she said (and if I added an exclamation point, believe me, it would be well placed), “did you see the clouds? They were stripes in the sky as the sun went down, colored stripes in the sky.”

I knew exactly what she meant. For that, for the colors she shared and the palette that paints this beautiful world, The Grateful Runner says thank you.


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