Saying thank you for staying vertical on this oh-so-windy day

You can’t see the wind in this photo — or in any, really, save those of hurricanes or tsunamis or tornWIND Jan 5, 2014ados.

But trust me; today’s wind is causing these leaves in the trees above my house to cling to their branches for dear life.

I can empathize. On this morning’s run, I felt that if both my feet were off the ground for more than a typical split-second, one of two things would happen:

1. I’d fall flat on my face


2. The wind would lift me into soaring position and I’d eventually crash-land somewhere near Waxahachie. For someone who has never really had the urge to fly or to be a trapeze artist (well, not for many years, anyway) this option didn’t hold the allure it might hold for braver and more aeronautically-minded souls.

So on this morning with wind chills in the teens, I ran my little heart out, awed anew by Mother Nature’s invisible power and bluster; thankful, as always, for owning attire to make my morning jaunt as bearable and as pleasant as possible. I even went a teeny bit farther than I had planned — staying vertical the entire time.

And for that, The Grateful Runner says thank you.

(For more of The Grateful Runner, click here)

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